iPatcher for Leopard

Patch CS3

That message had appeared when I tried to open some patch (like some_patch_CS3.app). Log file said the problem was came from ipatcher. I think the ipatcher (UNIX binary) didn’t work for leopard. First, I try open that patch using Rosetta. The Application work fine, but when I try to patch (Drag-and-Drop into drop box) them, the patch said my application (CS3 family..) can’t be patched. So, I try to download another CS3 Patch for Leopard (from demonoid torrent) with new ipatcher inside. But that Patch Application didn’t work too!

I try to replace ipatcher from new patch packages into my old patch. Then, open the patch again..You won’t have crash report from your Leopard. Happy Drag-and-Drop into drop box.. (Application successfully patched!)

Download mirror (rapidshare)

How to use :

1. Right Click The Old CS3 Patch > Choose Show Packages Contents > Open Folder Contents > MacOS

2. You’ll find iPatcher there. Then, replace the old iPatcher with the new downloaded iPatcher.

3. Open your CS 3 Patch (with new ipatcher has moved on), drag-and-drop your CS3 Apps (PS, AI, DW, etc) to get patched.

Then, you can fresh install CS3 on Leopard.

Bisa digunakan untuk sejumlah Patch (yang menggunakan iPatcher). Saya juga nyarinya ampe begadang semaleman, daftar forum cina kesana-kemari demi CS3 bisa fresh install di Leopard. 😛

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  1. this patch is not working for me… can you explain it more detailed please ’cause i ned to run After effects asap due to a few projects i have to hand.

    thanks man


  2. @ricks

    You must have “Patch” for CS3. The patch mean crack of Application. Usually, the patch have one file called ipatcher. So, replace the old ipatcher with this one.

  3. lho, bukannya leopard itu mac os terbaru?

  4. @ benbego

    Betul sob…

  5. works great! thanks so much! all working fine apart from indesign, but i can handle using cs2 until adobe get their arses in gear.

  6. It got the crack for AE to work, but it’s not patching the .app properly 😦

    Any suggestions?

  7. The [k] now runs but throws up some error about permissions on ‘AfterFX’ ?

  8. all works good apart from the permissions – so that means indesign, dreamweaver, flash encoder.
    looking forward to the fix 🙂

    best wishes and thanks


  9. It loads after I changed iPatcher however when I drag the app into the drop box nothing happens, even after 5 minutes. Any ideas? Thanks.

  10. I switched the iPatcher file, and nothing happens. It wont even open. Is there anything else you gotta do, like rename something…? Im excited to be reading that it works. If anyone has answers I would really love them. Thanks.

  11. Worked fine for my Civilization Warlords patch. thx a lot

  12. ini cuman patch-nya ya ? gue ada masalah pas install-nya. re-launch terus, kenapa ya ? ada solusi ?

  13. Just change permissions manually and re-run patch

  14. gimana ya cara replace ipatcher-nya ke ipatcher yang lama ? cant be modify loh… ada tipsnya untuk buat loacked-nya ?

  15. you are a god among men!

  16. Nice! Worked for me, the only ones i cant get to work are indesign, dreamweaver and the flash encoder, looking forward to the update! Your a good man!!

  17. Cannot seem to get the patch to work…Did everything you said and patch working but when dragging CS3 over it states wont work with this file type?? Any suggestions

  18. Works great, thanks for help :c)

  19. The system don’t let me to change the iPatcher!!!
    There’s a window that tell me that I can’t change the MacOS folder!!!!
    What do I have to do???
    I really need to use the apps now!!!!

  20. Thanks a million mate 🙂

  21. 1. get CS3 Design Premium trial version (English | Mac …) one by one from http://www.adobe.com/downloads and fixed iPatcher for Leopard/Tiger from http://www.rapidshare.com/files/70051979/C_3K4_Leo.dmg

    2. install them

    3. happy drag and drop to iPatcher

    *** InDesign CS3 work perfect on MBP 1.1 Leopard Build 9B18 ***

    1. It perfectly worked to me!
      Thanks a lot for this!

    2. I dont get what this message means?

  22. Could someone tell me how to replace the ipatcher file, I tried to change permission in info but could not change it. Getting very frustrated. help

  23. That file is locked so you need to use Disc Utility to create or convert the file to use no permissions so it will be unlocked, then you can trash it and replace with new iPatcher file. This worked for me….

  24. It does WORK! 😀
    but u have do unpack the first package and then replace que file.

  25. So I patched Photoshop. But the others are throwing errors with the permissions. Anyone know where I can go to read how to solve this?


  26. Further, when I try to put the new iPatch into the MacOS folder within the crack, it says that I can not modify the Mac OS. I open up the permissions within that file and it only allows me to read (not read/write).

    Banging head.

  27. This rocks! Thanks for the link. I needed this to make the patch work. It is working fine on my g4 ibook, if you can believe that.

  28. I just confirmed this [k] to work.


    I first ran AE Installer again – had it uninstall all components first then ran the setup again.

    Placed the [k] in the same folder as the AE.app – drag and drop onto the opened [k] like the prior one. Patched!

    Opened and confirmed operation!

    …pay it fwd.

    btw this is for OSX 10.5 Leopard users. [k] updated for Leopard.

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  30. says “you can’t apply the patch on this file” for all but acrobat

  31. Work for me on AI, PH,and FL no work on DW and ID.
    Any comments?

  32. After running the update process (Adobe Updater) the deactivation is failed. I’ve to reinstall the suite and NEVER do an update 😦

  33. When you are asking for permission the solution is this:

    Exmple Dreamweaver:

    Right clik on Dreamweaver.app
    show package content
    Go to content, mac os and the open the ifnformation of dreamweaver and give permission or read and write to everyone and to the system
    and the try again dragin the file

  34. Problems?

    1. Copy the Kazzie cracks to a folder on your desktop, this will get around the problems replacing the iPatcher within the Contents/MacOS/ folder.

    2. Open the Kazzie crack for the app you want to crack and drag the app over.

    If it doesn’t work and comes up with an error for a file, eg “filex needs permissions to be changed” let the patch try and change permissions.

    If it still doesn’t work, find the file (usually in Contents/MacOS), right click and Get Info and change permissions for Admin (or your user) to ‘Read and Write’. This will let the crack work it’s magic.

    3. Any more problems, GOOGLE IT! And of course, post your results here.

    That should solve what people are experiencing.

  35. Hay at all!

    I tried out all what you’ve sayd, all cracks what I’ve found but nothing works. Always the same message “You can’t apply the patch to this file”
    I have the Design Premium Suite. Can someone send me a link for some working stuff or help me?


  36. A bit off topic, but would anyone have a crack working with 10.0.1 update of phot@shop?

  37. In the case that you get ‘Cannot apply patch’, I found that you need to uninstall the @dobe application that needs patching, and reinstalling…

    It is likely that the updater has auto updated the product and thus rendering the patch useless… By reinstalling, the app is in the perfect state to patch, then you can update afterwoulds!


  38. Just ran updater… And it then asks you for a key again…

    So unless anyone figures out a safe way to update DO NOT UPDATE AFTER PATCHING

  39. How can I find this terrible iPatcher that I cant find anywhere? its in what place? application folder???? adobe folders?????

  40. @rubia

    the folder is in /Applications/Adobe

  41. Anyone got Indesign CS3 working? It’s the only app that doesn’t start running.

    If you got a working Indesign CS3 for leopard please upload your PublicLib.dylib file… so I can try to replace it with mine.

    I got this error when trying to patch (even with new ipatcher)

    PublicLib.dylib -> SHA1 ERROR

  42. Thank you!! That worked for my Dreamweaver c3 woes!

  43. Wildan,

    This page has been far more useful than any other in trying to get this patch to work – so thanks for putting in the time. However, anyone help with the following:

    I am running os 10.5 and performed the replacement as you wrote. Now i get the error: cant open the app x because not supported on this architecture

    did i do something wrong, or is the patch simply not compatible with os 10.5?

  44. Hi, I’m back now from holidays and I’m trying to findo the old iPatcher in my aaplications/adobe folder, and I can’t find; I searched in spotlight something like iPatcher, but the only one registered is the one I downloaded… bad situation 😦

  45. I couldn’t install any adobe app yet, I searched a way to it works in blogs and more blogs, and now I’m thinking my mac language is not in english, but my adobe is in english. It makes difference?

  46. A very big “Thank’s” for this new iPatcher ! It work very fine for me ! thank’s again and again !

    ( Hi Rubia !
    You need the good c…k for adobe. Because you won’t find iPatcher in your adobe.app folder but you will find it in the c…k.
    I think the language not make difference.)

    I’m a french user (sorry for my bad english)

  47. Thanx Thelynks, sorry, but can I have your contact case my app crashes again and again and again?

    My e-mail is rugardini@ig.com.br… msn is the same with hotmail at end…

  48. PublicLib.dylib -> SHA1 ERROR

    ?? Indesign not working.

  49. slotbadger…

    Same thing over here! We are desperate in need of a working crack for indesign cs3…

    Help us out!

  50. @ slotbadger, jay

    This patch is working fine for all CS3, include inDesign..


  51. I’ve tried everything and always the same….
    “You can’t apply the patch to this file”
    What do I have to do??? I have unistalled all adobe and reinstalled but nothing,…how do I know the ipatcher is working???


  52. I got the same problem with this goddamn file (PublicLib.dylib)
    It obviously doesn’t work that well for everyone…
    Please upload your succesfully patched version of the file!!!

  53. really cool download and patch, but it’s the same problem as jay and slotbadger, all appz are running well, only InDesign doesn’t start at all!

    InDesign is patched, but after patching the app you cannot start it up.

    I guess the file “PublicLib.dylib” is demaged, can someone help us?


  54. How come all you jerks that post “awesome patch, everything worked great” won’t post how you did it or answer anyone’s damn questions?

    LOSERS!!!! People need help and anyone who can help are just perpetuating (you kids know what that word means?) the problem

    Someone answer the questions

  55. @upper

    anyone could help them? i didn’t know problem about that lib..

    i’m very sorry about ..i’ll upload that file as soon as possible..

  56. orangisengbanget Avatar

    @ Morphine

    If you can do flaming why can’t you help yourself out and just waiting for the answer? that what loser is.

  57. @pay it fwd.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did exactly what you said and worked for AE CS3. Had all the same problems as those listing but this post really helped out my situation. Thank you!

  58. hey, just re installed cs3 suite and downloaded 3 version of the updated crack for leopard and still says the “patch can not be used for this file” any sugestions or help to why?

    cheerr shaun

  59. You are a god!! thank you so much that worked perfectely for me!

  60. If Indesign doesn’t open, make sure your printers are installed properly and try again.

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  62. tolongg!!!
    nyari IPATCHER nya dimana yah…
    ga ktemu2 neh…

  63. If Dreamweaver, Flash Video Encoder won’t change permissions properly…

    Refer up to “Andres romero”, who posted on December 20th

    who said:

    “When you are asking for permission the solution is this:
    Exmple Dreamweaver:
    Right clik on Dreamweaver.app
    show package content
    Go to content, mac os and the open the ifnformation of dreamweaver and give permission or read and write to everyone and to the system
    and the try again dragin the file”

    IT WORKS, thank you!

  64. this was BEYOND USEFULL!!

    thanks a lot

  65. i did exactly what aaron did, just show package contents. (specifically for me, the publiclib. file) get info, and change permissions to read and write for everyone.

    and i used this crack

    im on an intel duo core imac, brand new

    hope this helps anyone, thank you aaron

  66. Thanks!!

  67. When I replace the new patch with the old one, it says, ” This item iPatcher could not be moved because MacOS cannot be modified. Any ideas?

  68. Im getting SHA1 error on photoshop

  69. ok, so I got the Suite working.. but how about Fireworks??

  70. FWIW, Indesign patch didn’t work for me (after changing permissions for application as with DreamW): tried to change permissions for PublicLib.dylib using the dialog, per the instructions, but patch did not work.

    Instead, right-click application, show pckg cont, MacOs, open info for dylib, change to Read-Write… apply patch, now it works.

  71. @ Wildan

    worked for InDesign, but whenever I try to apply the patch to DreamWeaver, it says “You can’t apply the Patch on this File !”

    Do you have any tips on how to fix this?

  72. thanx mate. Ypu saved my life. It worked perfectly


    I have a macbook pro. I’m upgraded to the latest version of Leopard 10.5.2.

    I’m not responsible for anyone running anything before this version or on a different machine, this is what worked for me.

    Pay attention to the following steps and you should have no problem.

    1.Download Ipatch from here.

    Im going to assume you all have a crack already, if not, some are listed in above comments.

    2. Copy the cracks(the icons in the crack) of the applications you want to install to your desktop.

    3. Right click each one, “get info”, at the bottom you can change the permissions after entering your prompted password. Make sure all say read & write.

    4. Right click each individual one again, go to show package contents, then contents, then MacOs. You’ll the original Ipatcher file. replace it with the new one. you should not have any problems doing so because you changed the permissions already, as well as them being on your desktop.

    5. Once each is replaced, you may do one app at a time, open the crack file of the specific app. then drag the actual icon for the application you would use to open the program into the crack space. it’ll do its thing and after a few minutes you’ll see that it succesfully cracked it.


    I changed the PublicLib.dylib file’s permission, and the crack worked, but as soon as I launched Indesign it crashed. Any help on this would be appreciated.

    Also, this did not work for indesign either:

  74. Thank you so much! It works perfectly, you’re the best.

  75. I just did this, following the instructions from Dikatakan:

    More Info, di/pada Nopember 19th, 2007 pada 6:35 am Dikatakan:
    1. get CS3 Design Premium trial version (English | Mac …) one by one from http://www.adobe.com/downloads and fixed iPatcher for Leopard/Tiger from http://www.rapidshare.com/files/70051979/C_3K4_Leo.dmg
    2. install them
    3. happy drag and drop to iPatcher
    *** InDesign CS3 work perfect on MBP 1.1 Leopard Build 9B18 ***

    It seems to have worked. At least I wasn’t asked for serial number or registration after I patched the application. But it stills says “Enjoy unlimited use of Illustrator CS3. Convert your trial to purchase instantly” in the corner when I open it. Does that mean it will still run out after the trial period – or should I just ignore this?

    Sorry for this anxiety… I just can’t believe it is that easy to crack it!

  76. hey,
    so I had cs3 working and stupidly did the Adobe Update, and now it is asking me to activate the product.. and this patch isn’t working 😦

    does anyone know how to solve this? if i uninstall and then install again (back to before the updates) will that work?

    Thanks for the excellent help already everyone 🙂

  77. Max, youre a life saver mate!

  78. does anyone know where i can find adobe premiere patch

  79. Francis Almeda Avatar
    Francis Almeda

    Hey there,
    I am still having troubles cracking AE.
    I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled everything.
    And tried running the crack again – still says
    “This app can’t be patched!”

    I know there was a post above about not running an update.

    However – I did not have to deal with an update?

    Also – I am asked for a serial or to try the 30 day trial everytime I reinstall – I’m assuming I pick the 30 day trial, correct?

    What am I doing wrong?

    thanks for your help.

  80. I’ve tried everything here. I’ve changed permissions, replaced with the new ipatcher. Everything is working except for indesign. it’s still that publicLib.dibyl file — i’ve changed permissions and that file can’t be patched SHA1 error no matter what i do. please help!

    Sooo happy!!!
    Just download the cracks in the post more info and they work fine

  82. Hi, I think i’ve followed all the instructions correctly on the site yet like “pechorin” when I try to open the program I get an message that says “You can’t open this application because it is not supported on this architecture.” I was wondering if someone could help me or give me some tips.

  83. HOW TO MAKE IT WORK! ***What I DID, hope it works for you..

    Hello! I had problems installing and cracking InDesign but More Info’s Post helped me solved the problem I experienced. So if your ONLY have trouble with indesign just uninstall indesign and install the trial version with the link below from More Info and get the Leo’s crack and patch the Adobe indesign.app file and it will work! (for me)

    For the other adobe softwares, I used this crack I BT off mininova and I didn’t have to use the ipatch at all. But I still ran into some problems with dreamweaver and flash encoder that’s fixable. So all I had to do is to right click on the ***.app file (depending which program your trying to crack that’s the file’s name. ex. Adobe Dreamweaver.app or Adobe Flash Encoder.app) -> “content package”, another finder folder will pop up then go to /content/macos/ and right click the ***.app file to -> “get info”. Another window will pop up, scroll down to give permission to read &write for all 3 users. Then patch it again and it will work.

    *NOTE INDESIGN will not work with any crack, I even replaced the ipatch and still didn’t work for indesign. So just use More Info’s Idea, download the Trial Verison and Crack iT! Then it will work.

    This is Adobe Design CS3 image I BT http://www.mininova.org/tor/651308

    This is the crack I used, BT http://www.mininova.org/tor/965341 (must unzip with mac, unzipping with window will not work)

    More Info // Nopember 19, 2007 at 6:35 am

    1. get CS3 Design Premium trial version (English | Mac …) one by one from http://www.adobe.com/downloads and fixed iPatcher for Leopard/Tiger from http://www.rapidshare.com/files/70051979/C_3K4_Leo.dmg

    2. install them

    3. happy drag and drop to iPatcher

  84. Hey, I’ve done everything as instructed and got everything to work except for InDesign. I have the same problem as “august”. I managed to patch InDesign using a copy of the old patch that I duplicated but when I try to launch InDesign, it crashes and says there’s a serious error.

    Can anyone help?

    And if anyone is having problems patching, follow august’s instructions closely because I did it that way as well and it worked.

  85. thanks so much this patch really worked for me


    not the first one leo something..this one worked right away
    i had a cs3 on dvd and just downloaded this patch
    i didnt have to change i patcher or anything its amazing!!!
    everything works the whole shabang!!!
    thanks a lot man ure a god !!!!

  86. can some one please upload the working leo patch to something other then rapidshare i hit my free download limit straight away haha,

    on topic, ive been trying to get cs3 to work on my rand new mbp with leopard, i started with a osx 10.4 patch and it didnt work so yeh im keen to give this ago with the ipatcher etc

    thank you

  87. It seems we are a lot of people who have trouble patching InDesign and Dreamweaver (everything else works like a dream). Has anybody come up with a solution??

    I tried changing the permissions and all that, but it doesn’t help one bit.

  88. guys i dont know how magicaly it worked for me
    i can only suggest (with my humble expirience)try and get other cs3 pack and try to combine it with diferent pach?
    the one i posted before really worked just fine.
    u can always try and download trial directly from adobe and it should work after the trial period as well…

  89. I’ve got a differente error here, appears in AE proccess, /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS3/Adobe After Effects CS3.app/Contents/Frameworks/AfterFX.framework/Versions/A/AfterFX

    the title just says, ERROR,
    Could anyone help me?

  90. To evc:
    That’s exactly what I did: download the individual trials from Adobe and then tried patching with Ipatcher.

    Like I said they all worked fine, except for InDesign and Dreamweaver. And it seems to be a problem for many – but maybe someone has a solution out there?

  91. to lise
    try and download the cs3 pack not individualy

  92. Where I can find OLD CS3 Patch?
    I have one, but the folder “Mac OS” only contains a file called “Adobe® Design Suite Premium® CS3 US [k] (Universal)” , No “iPatcher”
    It´s the same?
    I must rename ipatcher?

  93. Same here, InDesign doesn’t work, and it’s the one I need now!

    The way I did the other ones (months ago) was using the original [k] on a Tiger computer, then copying over the cracked apps to my Leopard one.

    I don’t know if this would work for InDesign, as I no longer have access to a Tiger machine….


    Can someone who can run InDesign PLEASE post their PublicLib.dylib ?

  94. Morphine, all your questions are answered above if you bother to scroll up u total nob end, stop bitching, pull ur finger out n read teh very helpful advice people have taken the time to post.

    Everyone else being constructive on this thread – THANK YOU very much.

    Still working on getting it to work but have fixed the patcher, cracks are working on a reinstall now

    If works will post details in a minute



  95. Thank you all soooo sooooo much! With a bit of determination an all of your help i got em all to work. Thanks a million to pay it forward, the permissions were the key, once i got that right everything else worked fine. And for the rest of you who haven’t got it yet, stick with it and read all these comments. Its all in here! Thanks so much to you all!!!!

  96. Dear Dan,

    But did you try Indesign?? And did it all work out ???
    For all who are still trying everything… do exactly what August said.

    And then everything will work exept Indesign. Doe anyone already know the answer on that problem??

  97. THANKS MAN!!!! It worked perfectly 😀 :X

  98. Thank’s Bro, gila seharian nyari patcher ini…..
    it works like charm

  99. One note. You may need to change permissions manually, as changing permissions from the crack seems flaky on Leopard.

    Something like this from Terminal:

    cd /Applications/Adobe\ InDesign\ CS3/Adobe\ InDesign\ CS3.app/Contents/MacOS
    sudo chmod 777 PublicLib.dylib

    it’ll ask you for your password to change permissions on this file. Patch didn’t work for me until I did this.

    Thanks a lot! You saved my girlfriend’s week with your tip!


  100. this patch simply doesnt work on After Effects.
    does someone have managed to patch it?



  101. julienasticot Avatar

    thanks a lot guys you really changed my night. I searched how to do that since 4hours.
    thanks again

  102. Hi all, I am trying to make Civ 4 work for me. I meticulously followed all of the instructions and when i try to run the cracked version (clicking on the cracked icon rather than the original) it says:
    This crack works only with
    Civilization 4 v1.61 [build 9220] Beta

    1. Make sure the Civ 4 application is the original from the retail DVD (and not the cracked one)

    2. Apply the 1.6.1 [9220] Beta update

    3. Run this patch
    Can anyone help me solve it. Thanks a bunch.

  103. MattW
    Thanks for the terminal information. But can’t change the permissions os the PublicLib.dylib because it doesn’t exist…..

    Are you willing/is it possible to share the file?

    Thanks so far.

    Any other tips on how to get Indesign CS3 working on Leopard are welcome!

  104. @Matt just found out where to find te publiclib.dylib file. 😉

    Used the ipatch in the correct way.
    The patch itself was succesfull but during lancing indesign I receive an error and it shut down.

    What to do next?

  105. Okay so I know exactly how you guys are doing this I just don’t know why but I’m not allowed to change the permissions on any folders on my system. There is nothing I can do when I click get info then go to sharing and permissions. It’s completely locked, nothing I can click. It’s all grayed out. I’m trying to install the patch for Civ IV. This is driving me nuts. I don’t know why I can’t even click on the sharing and permissions part of the folder.

  106. Hi everybody, for those who look for CS3 design suite and/or After Effects patch

    I merge patches and return that : http://rapidshare.com/files/119579853/Adobe__Design_Suite_Premium__CS3_US__k___Universal_.zip.html

    Thanks to evz for sharing Design Suite Patch for Leopard

  107. Hey when I show package content in my crack I get the “Mac OS” but it only contains a file called “Adobe® Design Suite Premium® CS3 US [k] (Universal)” , No “iPatcher”.

    If anyone can tell me how to fix this or email me their working cracked itd rock
    emails: dandan_2300@hotmail.com


  108. Worked on Photoshop CS3 thank you greatly.

  109. Hi I’m almost done. I’ve patched InDesign, but wen opens crashes.
    Any ideia.

  110. Adobe have removed the the Indesign trial from their website (maybe because it can be cracked). Can I find this trial elsewhere?

  111. You’re the best! I’ve been trying to find a way to make the patcher work in Leopard all day!

  112. thanks for all your help, you are the greatest. The patches worked on all the applications except indesign, if any of you find a way to fix I will be looking in tomorrow.

    thanxs again

  113. Hey, downloaded the trial version of id cs3 and used http://www.rapidshare.com/files/70051979/C_3K4_Leo.dmg and now id finally works!

  114. Hello can someone help me, please.
    I have Mac Leopard OsX 10.5.4 and no patch works. The patch doasn’t work for Indesign ,Dreamweaver and Illustrator (all german versions).
    I were so lucky if someone can help me, it’s very urgend.

    Thanks a lot.

  115. It worked for me on a hackintosh iatkos 10.5.1…….
    In terminal run ….

    cd /usr/lib
    sudo cp libcrypto.0.9.dylib libcrypto.0.9.dylib.old
    sudo cp libssl.0.9.dylib libssl.0.9.dylib.old
    sudo ln -sf libcrypto.0.9.7.dylib libcrypto.0.9.dylib
    sudo ln -sf libssl.0.9.7.dylib libssl.0.9.dylib

    Downloaded the C_3K4_Leo.dmg
    and worked like a charm…

    Thanks to alll……

  116. “okay..here is..


    ^ I used this iPatcher and it worked for Photoshop. Thanks a lot. This was really helpful ^_^

  117. Hi there, first tx a lot to all for the great and usefull tips, I did read aaall the post and progresively get to run indesign hehe, but unfortunatelly like others i can run the ipatcher for that, but after all inDesign crashes when I launch that. So the questions is, Is there a solve for indesign runs? someone is running inDesign after do some of the tip posted here?

    Hey budies or guys, sorry my bad english, I just trying, im a spanish speaker.
    Thanks for someone reply, have a great one. Cheers!.

  118. Yeah man!!!

    Great! Thanks a lot.

    You’ve fix my problem with iPatcher on 10.5.4!!!

    Best Regards

  119. Hi guys, i got problem, when i drag n drop adobe after effects to patch, this error (look at picture) come through. What is wrong?


    1. A have the same problam. do you know what to do?

  120. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! tank you soooo much evz!!!!! it worked perfectly! thank you!!


  122. thanks so much! %-)

  123. illustrator kok ga bisa ya?

  124. Just patched photoshop cs3 v10

    on osx 10.5.4

    many thanks for all on this.


  125. terimah kasi

  126. all the stuff worked great that i found here, only problem i have after patching indesign cs3 it said patching succeed but then when i launch indesign it says: shutting down indesign “serious error”

  127. Hi. I’ve been having problems with a patch produced by “The Blade.” It’s for a game called Rise of Nations. I’m running Leopard 10.5.4 on a MacBook. I followed the instructions posted here: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/3970542/Rise_of_Nations_MAC (under “melirin”). Unfortunately the nocd patch was made for Tiger. But if you read the board many people have been successful getting it to work on Leopard. Not for me, however. I’ve tried more or less everything on the board (downloaded Toast 9, mounted the .dmg via Toast, deleted the “nocd” file, changed the names of both .dmg files to “RoN”, etc.) Nothing seems to work! Sadly. I can’t get the game to load without the CD. If you have any ideas, I’d much appreciate hearing them. Sorry for referencing the external link at piratebay. This post would have been incredibly longer had I not.

  128. I have the same problem as “guapo” or “Manuel”: The computer tells me “You can’t apply the patch on this file!” for all CS3 programs except for Acrobat.
    I have System Leopard 10.5.2.
    No content package folder exists on my system.
    No idea what to do with the ipatcher.
    Any suggestions?

  129. Thx Mate

    I had to change permissions for 2 files. One to patch Dreamweaver and one to patch InDesign. I just showed the info of these files and changed all te permissions to “read and write”. After these little changes everything went smooth.


  130. Thankssssssss a million!!!!!!!!!!!

    I spent all morning trying to get After Effects CS3 patched,
    I was goin to give up until I found this !
    I am soooo happy now, it’s working!!!



  133. i followed august’s instructions and it all worked a treat (thanks so much august!) except InDesign, as described by august and others, it kept erroring and quitting. BUT what worked for me, I copied the application from a tiger computer (just copied the whole application folder straight onto my computer, which is on leopard – 10.5.4) and ran it on some other patches i had already downloaded from other places, most didn’t work but one eventually did! so my advice – just try anything you can and all different combinations of operating systems, patches and applications until something works.

  134. Hi,
    I’ve just tried to install the same program as the picture above. I have Leopard, but the same message comes up that says iPatcher failed to launch.

    How do I get iPatcher and how do I install it?

    Sorry I am very new to this.

    Can someone please help?
    Thank you.

  135. Hi,
    I’va downloaded iPatch 3.7. I’m not sure how to use it. The instructions aren’t clear. Can somebody please help?


    I’m trying to install CS3 on my MacBook Pro [Leopard].

    Please help.

    Thank you.

  136. Ok, I’ve downloaded ‘Ender’s’ patch.

    1. Acrobat was patched successfully.
    2. None of the other applications could be patched. The warning message stated: ‘The file could not be patched.’

    Any ideas on how to get the others to patch?

    I am very new to this, so please explain thouroughly 🙂


  137. how should I work around so indesign can work?


  138. hi, i have mac os x 10.5.2 and i didnt patch the adobe creative suite 3 design premium pack.. the message “you cant aplly the patch on this file” appears in a window. i tryed to substitute the ipacth file but didant work.. what can i do? somebody can help me?

  139. I’m running Tiger and I’ve downloaded all the patches here, and the error “You can’t apply the patch here!” still appears. Please help?

  140. Not working for me either 😦 Maybe it’s these new aluminum Macbooks that have zillions of blocks and security locks…

  141. hey there guys, i really am desperate for the ipatcher file, apparently i cant dl it from the links and rapidshare aint working for me, could someone please email it to mw_badboy22@hotmail.com

    it will be much appreciated

  142. i have a macpro and im running 10.5.6 and the k’d patch is not working for me can you help

  143. you are really a genius! THANK YOU 🙂

  144. damn dat wrked as charm 🙂

  145. hi
    I have a macbook pro with leopard 10.5.6 and cant install CS3 .. what should i do? that patch did not work.

  146. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UWBUVG77

    This is a working Patch for Leopard

    Ignore the rest & use the best

    1. I used the link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UWBUVG77
      it only let me patch photoshop is there any other links to do the rest

      Really would appreciate the help

      Thank you

  147. I download file from url:


    but don’t work for me, show me alert with message “You can’t apply the Patch on this file”.

    I need the solution for fix my problem, why don’t work none crack.

  148. I’ve got the same InDesign problem as most people
    All the other programmes patched fine with some t and a but
    indesign didn’t work, even after changing permissions on the ID files, any help with this would be greatly apprecited!

  149. hello … here u are proposing solutions about CS3 .. I ‘ve CS4 and I don’t understand how to run it …. where to paste the ipathcher … how to use (K) !?!?!?!?

  150. I mean … I can’t change permission even if I move the folder on desktop …it ‘ s locked on ….

    if I’ve well understood steps are to crate a new folder on destop where putting mac-os with ipatcer (done)
    -change permission (cannot)
    and then? I can’t either put ipatcher on mac-os ad.phot. folder ’cause it’s locked too and I don’t understand what exactly put into (k) …it tells me to put adbe app. but when I move there the adb.setup icon it tells me that I can’t do that …
    Maybe I’m not a computer genius but with windows I didn’t have any problem , I ‘ve mac from 2 months and it’s driving me crazy :(((( please help ……

  151. same issue ^^ copied MacOS into desktop, unlocked it…then what? the original MacOS folder with ipatcher is STILL locked. ugh.

  152. for people who can’t replace the ipatcher file cause they cant modify the mac OS folder, don’t just mount the crack, copy the crack file to your desktop, THEN do the show contents/macOS etc.

  153. I also have a new aluminum mac book pro and i cannot run the patch it simply looks like its opening but it doesnt, i have got the latest ipatcher but im getting so may command line errors when running it.

    Best thing we cann also do is sit tight an wait for the geniuses who made these patches to make a fix to cater for us new mac users.

  154. hello everyone, i have a question, this patch works for cs4?

  155. Thanks August. I took me 2 days to figure it out, but at last it works. I kept copying the crack folder to the desktop instead of the crack (included with the video). I was wondering why I couldn’t find the ipatcher file and that was why.

  156. Examining File : /Contents/Frameworks/AfterFX.framework/Versions/A/AfterFX -> SHA1 Error

    This is my error, it patches all but one file… any help? osx 10.5.8 im not sure im dropping in the iPatcher correctly.

    1. @ jason you just have to change permissions in this file /Contents/Frameworks/AfterFX.framework/Versions/A/AfterFX

      Anybody have done this crack with snow leopard. I finally made work the [k] and patched AE but when i try to open the aplication it crashes…

      Any body knows what can I do?

      1. same thing is happening to me and its frustrating…

      2. Can I just say, that you sir, ARE A GENIUS, you’ve saved me so much frustration.

        I love you.

      3. does anyone have a patch for ae cs3 for leopard…im getting the same error…thx

      4. Jackabean
        “Can I just say, that you sir, ARE A GENIUS, you’ve saved me so much frustration.”

        did you get a solution?

      5. I could Kiss Irene Avatar
        I could Kiss Irene

        Irene that worked. I am on a PPC G4 Powerbook and nothing else worked. You are the best thank you.

  157. even after i update ipatch, it still says “you can’t apply patch to file.” This is the worst f&^%ing crack. whoever made this should be shot.

  158. Thank you! Worked perfectly on AE CS3

  159. Anybody have done this crack with snow leopard. I finally made work the [k] and patched AE but when i try to open the aplication it crashes…

    Any body knows what can I do?

    1. Did You Figure Out How To Get It To Open? AfterEffects Always Crashes As Soon As I Open

  160. Worked perfectly, you are a lifesaver.

  161. thanks very very very much…. y r awesome!

  162. Thank you very much.
    After a lot of looking here and there I found this page and it helped me with AE CS3.

    Thanks again!!!

  163. alguien tiene el parche o algo para que corra el Indesign Cs3 para tiger, ya q me urge por favor ????????? =(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Si me pueden ayudar se los agradecere muchos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  165. HI! i m from Russia . i do like you write i change ipatch , and patched AE , but when i start programm, it breaks when load media core . WILDAN ЧТО зА ! ХУЙНЯ!?. POMOGITE POZGHALUYSTA!

  166. First of all, thanks, worked great on everything but inDesign. I think this might explain why it works for some and not for others.


  167. after effect cs3

    how do you do, I from Russia. I did everything as you they wrote, but ipatcher he writes:


    /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS3/Adobe After Effects CS3.app/Contents/Frameworks/AfterFX.framework/Versions/A/AfterFX

    what to make??

  168. this program is very necessary to me. help me if you please!!!

  169. I’m having the same problem as Irene I’m running snow leopard with no luck on After Effects. I think where doomed by adobe to suffer the none using of AE on snow leopard, but… that’s just my opinion if any one has a solution tell us A.S.A.P!

  170. Hi every body

    iMAC OS Leopard 10.5.8
    I get the “aftereffects_cs3_p1_041607.dmg” / FX CS3 and Adobe Affter Effects 8.0.0 (247) [k] (Universal)
    And the ipatcher patch and the address : http://dynsrv.info/2007/10/30/ipatcher-for-leopard/

    1 – I click on “aftereffects_cs3_p1_041607.dmg” / unpacked it then Click on the Setup to install files in the Applications Folder.
    2 – On my desktop Unzip “Adobe Affter Effects 8.0.0 (247) [k] (Universal)”, unpacked the Dmg and finally get a nice “Adobe Affter Effects 8.0.0 (247) [k] (Universal)” .app with a purple icon.
    3 – Check if the permission to write is look or not -> use [Cmd+I], down the window – permissions – unlock to change the statut. (for me, there was no such a prob.!!)
    3 – Same file, I made a right clic (Ctrl) in order to replace the ipatcher – cause I first had the problem with “Dyld Error Message: – Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libcrypto.0.9.dylib …. and so on …”
    3.1 – Right-clic on “Adobe Affter Effects 8.0.0 (247) [k] (Universal)” .app
    3.2 – in the menu window which appeared Choose Show Packages Contents (2d lign ..)
    3.3 – Then Open Folder Contents > and MacOS … here is ipatcher!!!
    3.4 – replace it by the new one …
    4 – Then I took my new and fresh “Adobe Affter Effects 8.0.0 (247) [k] (Universal)” .app and dropped it into the Abode FX folder in my applications Folder.
    5 – I now clic on this one … a beautiful purple windows written Adobe Affter Effects 8.0.0 (247) [k] (Universal) came .. no warning, no bugs, no message … and then 2 buttons (info and Exit) .. and then then ..nothing else, I wait, I wait .. ???

    Questions ?
    Is there anything wrong? Did i have to rename “Adobe Affter Effects 8.0.0 (247) [k] (Universal)” in “Adobe After Effects CS3”? Am I patch? Did I have to reboot?

    I can I use FX know .. the question seems to be stupid .. but the situation is …

    Thanks for your lights on the next step …


    1. Then, In this beautiful purple Window – “Affter Effects 8.0.0 (247) [k] (Universal) ” – is a Drop Zone – Drop the “Adobe After Effects CS3” .app in it ..
      6 – Message about Autorization – OK
      7 – And an Error Box – /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS3/Adobe After Effects CS3.app/Contents/Frameworks/AfterFX.framework/Versions/A/AfterFX

      1. 7-1 If you have this error: /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS3/Adobe After Effects CS3.app/Contents/Frameworks/AfterFX.framework/Versions/A/AfterFX you must change the permission of “AfterFX” (read and write for everyone)

        Choose Show Packages Contents (2d lign ..) – (see point 3-2) of Adobe After Effects CS3″ .app then Contents/Frameworks/AfterFX.framework/Versions/A/
        Choose the “AfterFX” file [Cmd+I], down the window – permissions – unlock to change the statut. (read and write for everyone)
        8 – Then you can now applied the patch by dropping the .app in the windows (see before).

      2. I owe you my life! Your comment was the only one that was helpful!

      3. Yep, it’s official…you are awesome! Thank you so much. As h1lleard said, “Your comment was the only one that was helpful!”

        Those still having trouble, make sure you change the permissions of that OTHER file…here it is again:

        “Choose Show Packages Contents (2d lign ..) – (see point 3-2) of Adobe After Effects CS3″ .app then Contents/Frameworks/AfterFX.framework/Versions/A/
        Choose the “AfterFX” file [Cmd+I], down the window – permissions – unlock to change the statut. (read and write for everyone)”

        Thanks again.

      4. hey THANK YOU!! your comment is extremely useful. and thanks to you too, Dylan! 🙂

  171. now the patcher works but it says – “You can’t apply patch to this file”

    can anyone help me..

    thanks in adv…..

    PS i’m trying to crack AfterEffects cs3 from http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/3776937/Adobe_After_Effects_FX_CS3_for_Mac_OS_X_Universal_Binary

  172. I need help.

    I have installed Leopard 10.6.6

    Indesign cs3 presented an error opening after I used the path.
    After Effects CS3 has the same error.
    How to solve?


  173. I’m so frustated because I’ve made every pass of this tutorial with After Effects CS3 on Leopard but it always appear the error: /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS3/Adobe After Effects CS3.app/Contents/Frameworks/AfterFX.framework/Versions/A/AfterFX and I cannot change the permission. And even if I use some programs to change the permissions the software doesn’t work!

    Please please write here if you know how to crack After Effects CS3 on Leopard!

    1. DaPuertorican Avatar

      Fasti5, it’s easy to change the permissions:

      Go to the application folder, the error is even saying where to go:
      Applications/Adobe After Effects CS3/Adobe After Effects CS3.app

      Now right click (or CTRL+Click) the Adobe After Effects application, and choose SHOW PACKAGE CONTENTS

      Now navigate all the folder the error say:

      Now right click AferFX and choose GET INFO, there go to “Sharing and Permissions” [first unlock the little lock in the lower right corner of the window, it will ask you your administrator password), then change in ADMIN from “READ ONLY” to “READ & WRITE”.

      There you go, now drag the application to the crack and it will patch it correctly.

      1. You’re the man! You wree absolutely right. The error message told us where to go to change “read and write” privileges. I was finally successful in patching the application. Sadly, when I run the repaired After Effects app it keeps quitting unexpectedly as soon as it is launched. I’m running 10.6, by the way…

  174. Anyone got this to work on Snow? Where everyone says to replace the ipatcher with the new one, I try dragging the new one into the folder with the intention of hitting “yes” to replace the old one but it comes up with a little “no entry” symbol as though to say I can;t even drag it in there. Any help appreciated.

  175. RT jones

    I need help.

    I have installed Leopard 10.6.6

    Indesign cs3 presented an error opening after I used the path.
    After Effects CS3 has the same error.
    How to solve?

    I have the same problem…. any suggestion??? I have tried everything above

  176. nuhun pisan om!
    i’ve used this for photoshop cs3 installation on snow leopard. the patch that distributed with .rar package i’ve downloaded isn’t work. so,
    1. i download the one from rapidshare that shown on the top of this page,
    2. extract the ipatcher to my desktop (for temporary)
    3. copy the patch application from the .dmg to my desktop.
    4. click the ‘show package contents’ on the patch applicaton copied from step 3, dive into ‘Contents’, dive into ‘Macos’
    5. copy the ipatcher from step 3 to folder macos on step 4.
    that’s it. u should be able to patch the photoshop cs3.
    hope helps.

  177. thanks a F………… lot!!!! 🙂 You really saved me with that.

  178. Hey guys, just switched to a macbook pro and downloaded a Logic pro 9 torrent… I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get past the serial number bit during the installation. I got patches with the torrent but I can’t figure out how to use them…
    Please help! I really want logic!!!

  179. Everything Worked Beautifully. Only Thing Is That When I Try To Open My Successfully Patched After Effects App, It Crashes. It Always Crashes. This Is After I Changed The .ap to .app. Has Anyone Found A Fix To This?

    Please Message or Email Back.
    Thank You!!

  180. Everything Worked Beautifully. Only Thing Is That When I Try To Open My Successfully Patched After Effects App, It Crashes. It Always Crashes. This Is After I Changed The .ap to .app

    Has Anyone Found A Fix To This?

    Please Message or Email Back.
    Thank You!!

    1. Did you ever find a fix to After Effects CS3 crashing when trying to open it after it has been successfully patched? I’m having the same issue. Any help would be appreciated!


  181. Allen Jenkins Avatar
    Allen Jenkins

    To everyone getting the framework error, like I did –

    You must click package contents on the original application you installed, follow the file address in the error message, and change the permissions for that particular file manually.

  182. I wanna thank Etchaf!! Your instruction was the best.

    First I draged the Adobe After Effects CS3.ap into the Drop Zone on After Effects 8.0.0 (247) (k)
    And it was succesfully patched.

    But when I tryed to open AE by clicking on Adobe After Effects CS3.ap, It told me to repair. I clicked on Repair but anyhow it shut down.

    So i changed the Adobe After Effects CS3.ap to .app and draged it to the drop box again, but now it says: some of the files wont be patched.
    and the Log is: Contents/Frameworks/AfterFX/Versions/A/AfterFX ->SHA1 Error

    I have gone to that file and made it Write & Read for everyone….

    So can anyone tell me what to do?

  183. Maybee I wasnt clear.

    I did everything written above by Etchaf. (AND ALSO: to be able to past the iPatcher I pasted the whole map on the desktop first, too change settings so I could read and write.)

    The problem is when I drag Adobe After Effects CS3.ap into the “Drop Zone”
    Then it doesn’t Patch 1 file (Contents/Frameworks/AfterFX/Versions/A/AfterFX )!!!

    I try to open AE anyway but it says
    “Application Has Moved
    This application has been moved from the location in which it was originally installed. Some settings need to be repaired.”

    What do I do?

  184. Big Thanks 🙂

  185. Thanks! it worked 🙂

  186. Very interestingly. I was recently interested in this topic. Very interesting and informative. I wish more such articles on this portal. Thanks for the article.

  187. Great stuff! Cheers for that!

  188. Hello All

    I am trying to patch AE CS3. The [k] from Pbay on Mac OS 10.5.8. I changed permissions on the AfterFX file that is in the app package contents to read & write for everyone, but when I drop the app into the drop zone for the patcher, it says some of the files will not be patched and there is this error msg:

    Examining File : /Contents/Frameworks/AfterFX.framework/Versions/A/AfterFX -> SHA1 Error

    I am new to this. First time trying something like this, so many thanks for your help! Seems close!

  189. Thank you Etchaf, that work for me…

  190. OMG! I love you. I love you. I love you. I’ve been trying for hours. Thank you so much.

  191. Jeabbegertels Avatar

    Please ease me to create collection

  192. Hi guys,

    Just got my new MBP, and downloaded the crack for AEffects.

    I ve done everything… My application has been patched SUCCESFULLY…
    the only problem, and i changed .ap to .app..

    The problem is that now, when i launch AE, i ve got this error message telling me, “the aplication quitted unepectcly…”

    I ve been trying to look for some help online, but found nothing. Could someone help me please.

    Thanks folks.

  193. hi guys.
    i believe i need to update my ipatch… need to install it on a new computer that runs on 10.6
    is there as updated ipatch for 10.6… is it available somewhere? anywhere?

  194. was able to find one that worked only for photoshop.
    made with i patcher 3.7
    still looking for indesign and illustrator!


  195. dood. seriously. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. and the link? because rapidshare died 😦

  197. добрососедский сайт кардинг форум

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