Short 2015

It’s been a while since I posted in English on my blog. Also It was a very long time ago I posted something about life (and the meaning of life).

Year 2015 is the toughest but most amazing year in my life. Our baby girl, Zyva was born at 88 (08 August) and I became a father. Last year I became a husband. Life is about balance and cycle. Once you are a child, now you are the most responsible person (imam) of the family. You were dependent to the parents. Now, your wife, your child are depend on you.

Being a husband, a father, teaches you how to be a responsible person, be useful, and give good examples to your family member. Sometimes, life is sucks and shit happen, but don’t let anger beat yourself. Please don’t forget, you have a kid who always listen and watching you.

FullSizeRender (1)

I am not a good father, but I learn how to be a good family man. I still a kid of my parents, but also a father of my daughter. Yes, life is about balance. And the most important thing, I have a soulmate of my life and I always need her love and solid support for the next coming years. I love you Bebby and Zyva.

I don’t celebrate new year. It only easier to measure our life based on a Gregorian Calendar.


From a dad, husband, son, brother


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