How To Changes “About This Mac” Images and Text

How to changes “About This Mac” images and text on Leopard.

Apple Images :

1. Go To Folder /System/Library/CoreServices/

2. Find and Backup MacOSX.tif

3. Replace MacOSX.tif with your modified MacOSX.tif

4. Logout your Mac and Login to see the changes.

5. Here is..

About This Mac

My Modified MacOSX.tif is here


My friend, Dian has changed his IATKOS text by modify SystemVersion.plist

1. Go to file /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist

2. Modify String and Key

3. Save and then Relogin your Mac

Don’t forget for backup your original file..

3 responses to “How To Changes “About This Mac” Images and Text”

  1. keren euy si MacOken 😀

  2. Wew..Target berapa hits dari posting ini? 😀

  3. Salam,
    Ya ah, mo coba…
    Eh Kang, Kumaha SketchUp sayah di Leopard lelet geuning?
    mohon dibantos atuh

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